"DT part II"
I hear your voice, but no one speaks.
Your words echo through the whispers of the breeze.
My fair maiden, I’m safe tonight.
My fair  maiden, I’m safe tonight.
It seems I chase the rain, but you’re not here.
You call my name. (But no one’s there)
It’s such a bitter air. (You call my name)
But you’re not here.
In the face of war, you’ll dine with the flames.
Cast from down below, you’ll fall with the rain.
In the face of war, you’ll die.
Through raging thunder, I’m alive but so alone.
This spell I’m under, oh where have I gone wrong?
Farewell my love.
I’ve failed you now, my angel eyes.
God grant me strength to rid this heart of callousness.
So help me God, to the grave where you belong.
I’ll take this life back, for you made this heart of stone.
Somewhere my love, I’ll greet you with the rising sun.
My strength survives; my faith arrives when I’m undone.
Lifeless painted carcass, frozen to the grave.
The seasons don’t surrender.
Let yourself be seen.
This land of disease,
Dare to march where demons feed.
There are flames below to burn dreams on high.
The wind will rise across the sky.
This land of disease, thousands fly on satan’s wings.
There are flames below to burn dreams on high.
Tonight, we ride.
Somewhere a candle’s burning,
This night time falls like sinful angels.
My love afar, there’s a war that’s brewing.
Underneath these stars, I’ll find my fate’s forgiveness.