"DT part III"
I can still hear you calling through the whispers of the breeze.
It’s such a lonely feeling that brings me to my knees.
If this fight goes on forever, my will’s not that strong.
Who knew that forever could take so long?
But I’m stronger than my anger.
I’ll rise from this fear.
From failure I still falter, but for you I plead, my dear.
This fight can’t last forever.
My strength will conquer all.
No failure. I won’t falter.
My faith stands tall.
There are shadows at every corner, eyes in every wall.
But for you my love will sever any one of satan’s calls.
Many seas I’ve sailed in search for my true love.
The deepest of the valley’s, seems I’d never reach the top.
I am not alone here, this evil’s holding on.
I fight a losing battle.
I might never see the dawn.