"DT part V"
So many seas I’ve sailed, in search for my true love.
The deepest of the valley’s, I might never reach the top.
I know I’m not alone here, this evil’s letting go.
I won’t fight a losing battle.
My sails are towards the dawn.
And the faster that you run, the harder you will fall.
Those heels just like a gun, there’s comfort after all.
This pain is letting go.
Washed away with this sea.
Send those demons down below.
I’m alive, I’m alive and we’re free.
Oh, the rising sun.
Thy will be done.
Towards this rising sun.
I’m saved. This war is won.
Painted Carcass.
It seems we hold the world tonight.
We’ve weathered through this storm and I’ve…
Found true love inside your eyes.
My heroine in disguise,
You mend these broken wings.
From this height, my life’s complete.
We’ve conquered tragedy.
Lifeless painted carcass,
Frozen to the grave.
The seasons don’t surrender.
Let yourself be seen.
This land of disease,
Dare to march where demons feed.
There are flames below to burn dreams on high.
The wind will rise across the sky.
This land of disease,
Thousands fly on satan’s wings.
There are flames below to burn dreams on high…
Tonight we ride.