“Every Ship”
I feel so helpless,
And those eyes stare me down,
With your arrogance.
Yeah the waters rise, I'm sure that I'll drown
And there you wait in your elegance.
The world keep leaning,
No, don't look down,
This town just helps the bleeding, oh
It's too late now. 
With every change in season
You're coming back around.
And what goes up, 
you know must come down.
What are you waiting for, little girl?
This heart barely beats.
So don't fail me now.
Every ship I sink, everyone they drown.
So don't fail me now.
You're so misleading,
I swear that those eyes don't blink.
But you've said enough without even speaking.
Everything you touch seems to die.
(You're so in love)
Yeah the world keeps feeding,
Oh every dream goes south,
You stop the healing, oh
It's too late now.
Every change in season,
You're coming back around.
What goes up, you know must come.
What are you searching for, little girl?
This heart won't sleep.
So don't tell me how,
Every ship I sink, 
Everyone, they drown...
So don't fail me now.
Something leads you, no?
I knew but I never...
Never thought you'd make it right.
no corner of the world can keep you.
I always hold my shovel tight.
All the shit you do, you have me digging through.
I never seem to get it right.
Everything you do, everything you do.
Every ship, I sink tonight...
Every ship I sink, every ship I...
Release the passengers.
I know they'll hunt me down, but you're going to save yourself.
A shipwreck massacre.
I love the smell of defeat in the sweet scene of dis pair.
You love me, so let me...rot.
A heart like a bullet and it's shot. 
I opened the door, I fell in line.
But faith was dead on arrival,
You, you failed like this heart.
You fade like a star,
Lost, you cling for survival.
The deepest of seas can't keep a saint
Lost, hanging limp in the balance.
With every wave, tonight I'll ride
Until it carries me all the way home.