“The Fields Where Nothing Grows”

Such an angel lost in tragedy,
Jumped a plane right out of my life.
You packed your secrets, tossed your soul’s keys.
Every breath you breathed, you never breathed for me.
Was it lonely locked with honesty?
You hold your shadows tight and let the demons feed.
With every season’s change, I hope you’d think of me.
When your summer’s froze, where will you go?
The stars are bright tonight and through these city lights.
Every breath I hold, I hold for you tonight.
If it’s lonely trying to find yourself,
You were the only one who always let you fail.
Where does time go? Oh it misleads…
When the shadows call, take a breath for me.
Oh if only all these stars would fall,
Burn these faults tonight and wash away it all.
Somewhere I forgot how small and lost we are.
Oh how lost that we are…
Lie where you are, in the cold.
It’s those shadows that keep you whole.
This is where nothing grows.
Dreams are bare where you buried your soul.
Can’t deny who you are, it’s the secrets that eat you whole.
In the fields, nothing grows…
Buried your soul.
This road leads to nowhere, from all I’ve ever known.
You threw me out into the night alone and somewhere along the way,
This lonely feeling gave me hope.
Every dead end led to gold.
Tonight, this broken heart has become whole.
And it’s so beautiful this high, looking down on passer’s by,
Even if I never said “good bye.”
Shut your eyes
Hide from the fields where nothing grows.
Hide your eyes.
Learn from the ones who never know.
If it’s the last thing that you do…
Run from the voice that leads you.