1. Autumn Leaves "Offical" Music Video
    Atma Weapon 'Autumn Leaves' Album: The Fields Where Nothing Grows Director: Andrea Tani Assistant Director: Alex Marton Edited by: Andrea Tani & Alex Marton Production Manager: Matt Mitchell Production Assistant: Anna Rose Music by: Billy Guynn and Mick Armstrong (with Cameron Johnson) Lyrics by: Mick Armstrong Arranged by Atma Weapon
  2. Dark Dreamer "Official" Music Video
    'Dark Dreamer' Copyright 2013 Atma Weapon Directed, shot, and edited by Badger Koon Productions
  3. "The Fields Where Nothing Grows" Album Trailer
  4. Miss Misery
    From the album "Dark Tower." -2013
  5. "Autumn Leaves" Promo
  6. Opeth cover "Patterns in The Ivy 2"
    Atma Weapon's take on an Opeth track. 2014